Our Vision

A Heart for God

We are passionate about: our relationship with our heavenly Father, His Word, His presence, worshiping Him with all our might, living a life that honors His name, releasing gifts and anything that lifts Him up for the world to see. 

A Heart for People

 We are passionate about: loving people right where they are, serving them the way Jesus would, not judging but extending grace, making our church an engaging place to be, always believing the best about others, showing hospitality, making a real effort to remember every person’s name, developing people’s gifting and pointing them to the one who loves them most.  

A People to the World

 We are passionate about: having strategic partnership with others of like faith to reach this world with the power of God, giving of our resources to missions at home and around the world, creating opportunities on an annual basis for people to go and use their gifts to minister the gospel and build ministries and programs that focus on purpose and destiny.